Tamingkee Electronic is manufacturing PCBs for around 200 companies in 12  countries - including the distributors and terminal client. we are ISO9001,UL, QS9000,SGS,TS16949 cetified, for more than 20 years, we have been manufacturing printed circuit boards-1 Layer to 20 Layer for  companies throughout Europe and North America. Today,  We are accelerating and improving the production of prototype PCBs year after year. By investing in new production machines, improving processes and developing a production information system, in which we are involved in the development. For years we have also maintained a 2-shift 24/7 operation.

Tamingkee Electronic is a one-stop solution for all circuit board services so we are often entrenched with the PCB production process from design to assembly. Through our strong network of well-proven circuit assembly and manufacturing partners, we can provide the most advanced and nearly limitless capabilities for your prototype or production PCB application. Save yourself the trouble that comes with the procurement process and dealing with multiple components vendors. Our experts will find you the best parts for your final product.

1. Turn-key assembly

2. Partial turn-key assembly

3. Consignment assembly

4. RoHS compliant lead-free assembly

5. Non-RoHS assembly

6. Conformal coating

7. Quick-turn prototype assembly


Development Path

Development Path

  • 2022

    Invested 20 million acquired Shenzhen Jinhongzhi (Hong Kong) circuit company and with independent environmental protection and electroplating line.

  • 2021

    Successfully applied for National High-tech Enterprise.

    To invested 10 million acquisition for SPN SMT put into production, the Locate in Longgang SZ

  • 2021
    Production:Quicky turn samples、single layer、double side、 multilayer PCBs、etc.
  • 2020

    Tamingkee Electronic 

    Technology Co., Limited Founded

  • 2019
    Invested 8 million into production Metal PCB、MCPCB、Copper-based PCB, and we reached the technology break-through of ultra-long PCB .
  • 2016

    After years of efforts, we started production of high level PCBs,application such as for communication,industrialequipment,automotive,etc.

    Meanwhile, we completed equipment investment and technical upgraded.certifications like UL,ISO, CQC,TS16949,IATF16949 are registered

Company Culture

Company Culture

People together is a party, hearts together is a team!

Our mission is provide high-quality circuit boards and prompt and satisfactory services.

Our vision is grow into a world-class circuit board manufacturing enterprise and create maximum value for customers,employees,society and investors.