PCB Capability

Item 2021 2022
Layer 20 24
Maximum board size 1092mm*660mm
Maximum board thickness 10mm
Minimum board thickness 0.30mm 0.25mm
Thickness of the small core board (excluding copper) 0.05mm
Maximum (finished) copper thickness inner layer:12OZ outer layer:12OZ
Minimum width/space 0.06/0.06mm
Minimum mechanical drilling pore diameter 0.25mm 0.15mm
Minimum distance between two hole-sides (different network) 0.23mm
Aspect ratio 15:01
Impedance control tolerance ±8% ±6%
High thermal conductive plate volume production volume production
Heat dissipation substrate
Embedded planar capacitance/impedance board
HF high-speed board small lot production
Step position partial bonding (including bonding finger)
Secondary step board
Embedded magnetic core board
Four-layer PTFE board
Surface treatment immersion gold, bonding, solder coating with/without lead, OSP, immersion tin, ENEPIG, immersion silver, copper-tin plating, electrolytic soft gold, electrolytic platinum

HDI Capability

Item 2021 2022
Line Width / Line Spacing 0.05/0.05mm 0.045/0.05mm
Max Layer 30 36
Min. Production Broad Thickness 0.35mm 0.30mm
Thinnest Substrate Thickness 0.05mm
Thinnest Dielectric Layer Thickness 0.05mm
Min Buried Hole /Pad Size 0.075/0.225mm
Max Buried Hole / Pad Size 0.2/0.4mm
Max Buried Hole Aspect Ratio 1:01
HDI Feature 3+N+3 4+N+4