Electronic component procurement

Why electronic component procurement are outsourced ?

With the refinement of the industrial division, more and more electronic product R & D companies downsize their organizational structure and allocate limited resources in the two core competitiveness of R & D and market, thereby outsourcing the cumbersome manufacturing parts.

Under this trend, it is bound to increase the demand for PCBA contract for labor and materials. Customers only needs to provide design documents. Then electronic manufacturers will purchase electronic components and complete the PCBA manufacturing process according to the design requirements.

This mode of contract for labor and materials saves the personnel cost and sluggish cost of customer's self-built material, procurement, inspection and warehousing. On the whole, it will save the total cost of customer enterprises and improve the financial and product turnover efficiency.

How do we ensure that electronic components are purchased through genuine channel?

We have a sound supply chain management system, strict audit and certification of all suppliers, to test specifications of samples and small batch to ensure the qualification of suppliers.

In addition, we are equipped with a powerful IQC incoming material inspection mechanism, AQL sampling standard inspection for all core components, and professional inspecting laboratories and equipments.

Our advantages in purchasing electronic components

Purchasing electronic components is determined by two factors including price and supply continuity. We can use price advantage of centralized procurement and a ten-year cooperative relationship with the original factory and agents, to obtain the priority guarantee of continuous supply and original technical support. And all these are unmatched by procurement of one single company.

Customer companies prefer to purchase from traders online, which cannot ensure the consistency of quality and and can't get a better price.

Quality control

Bridge test
Temperature & humidity control 
Anti-static test
Prebake oven
Device number counting machine
100x Magnifying glass 

Dvantages of our SMT processing

Fast response mechanism
Resistance-capacitance and inductive magnetic bead connectors in stock
Regular R&D procurement, completed in two weeks

Professional component Certified engineer
Perfect IQC inspection system
Assistance in improving accuracy of customers’ BOM

Strict supplier access system
Strict supplier auditing mechanism
Annual supplier auditing mechanism