Our DIP plug-in processing capabilities

Our DIP plug-in processing capabilities 

Plug-in AOI make a test on component error, missing and reverse. DIP pass-through rate is strictly controlled. 
Skilled soldering workers with strict training, quality control and high welding speed.
According to the status of circuit boards, a temporary storage area with independent identification around the cable is provided including awaiting for plug-in, for maintenance, for QC inspection, defective products, QA inspection, etc., to avoid board mixing. 
Strict IPQC and QA LOT sampling standards to ensure the reliability of DIP processing

DIP plug-in processing equipment

Plug-in cables x 2
Plug-in AOI: defective inspection of plug-in components and solder joints
Wave soldering x 2 sets 
After welding wire(Hand soldering) x 24 station

Board washing machine x 1 set

DIP plug-in processing is a part of PCBA electronic processing process along with more manual work and higher requirements for management.
We are implementing a comprehensive quality management system ( ISO9001: 2015, ISO13485, IATF16949 ) and equipped with ever-improving automation equipments (such as automatic slitting machine, automatic dispensing machine, automatic spot welding machine, etc.) and fixtures, etc. 
In this way , our DIP processing remains at a high level in service consistency and reliability.