SMT patch processing

Tamingkee company provides customers with high-end SMT patch processing services, equipped with five automatic high-speed SMT patch production lines, automatic plate mounting machine, automatic solder paste printing machine, SPI solder paste thickness detector, multi-temperature zone reflow soldering, AOI optical testing equipment, X-Ray X-ray inspection machine, baking machine, steel screen cleaning machine, etc.
We can offer long-term processing and manufacturing services for customers and support 0201 components, 0.4mm Pitch BGA, QFN and other precision electronic components mount.
Advantages of our SMT processing
1) Quality team of more than 15 people, effectively control IQC incoming inspection, IPQC process inspection, OQA factory inspection and other important process links;
2) Equipped with a team of 5 electronic engineers to put forward constructive improvement suggestions for DFM manufacturability inspection and engineering process in the production process, and effectively improve product quality and production efficiency;
3) The company implements the Quick Response mechanism. Professional salesmen contact with customers and respond to any abnormal situation within 1 hour ;
4) Implement MES electronic information to check boards, effectively supervise the PMC production planning process, and ensure delivery;
5) Use ESD anti-static protection pearl cotton or anti-static bags for safe packaging to ensure that the safety in transportation.

SMT Quality Control

Incoming Quality Control
Solder Paste Inspection
Online Automated Optical Inspection
SMT first testing

Inspection purpose: to eliminate the delay in delivery due to poor process caused by poor materials

Inspection Purpose: to discover in advance that the previous process work flows out of the next process 
Inspection standards: 3D detection + statistical analysis of data
Inspection purpose: to check whether the products produced are faults and omissions, and the flow of bad materials out of the next process
Inspection purpose: to ensure that the components 
attached to the production model are completely 
consistent with the customer's assembly drawing andbill of materials, so as to prevent badness flow into the next process.

Visual inspection
X-RAY Welding Inspection
BGA Repair
QA Inspection

Inspection purpose: Spot check all production processes to see if they are consistent with the work instructions Inspection standards: each product process instruction and each position guidance

Inspection purpose: to detect the solder joints of the original parts invisible to the naked eye to avoid inveracious solder and solder short products to flow into the next process.
X-ray detects BGA soldering defects, disassembles and solders under temperature-controlled conditions, slows down the impact on the device and ensures repair welding quality.
Standardize the inspection of shipped finished products to prevent unqualified products from being shipped