6 Layer High TG ENIG Control PCB

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MaterialType FR4 TG150
Layers 6layers
Thickness 3.0mm
Copper 70um
Solermask Blue solermask
Silkscreen White silkscreen
Surfacefinish ENIG
Characteristics Control

The actual manufacturing capacity of our plant
Max Layers 40Layers Max Fabrication Size 1250*570mm
Max Thickness 8.0mm min  hole diameter 0.15/0.35mm
Min Thickness 0.4mm Drilling accuracy +/-0.025mm
Max Copper Thickness 10oZ PTH Bore Tolerance  +/-0.03mm
Surfacefinish ENIG/ OSP/ HASL/ Au Plating (soft/hard)/ Immersion Ag/ Immersion Tin/ Bright Tin Plating/Ag Plating/ Carbon Ink

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